CIMEC presents a new automatic system for filling aluminium cans for beverages

The growing interest in the can and the advantages that this container has, compared to bottles, such as a lower weight, less storage space and greater protection of the product both against oxygen and UV rays, has pushed CIMEC to expand its production range, building a compact monobloc for filling and seaming these aluminum containers.

Mainly made in two models, CAN ISO 6/1 S and CAN ISO 12/1 S / 1 S, the CIMEC monoblock, can meet the needs of beverage producers, such as breweries or soft-drinks companies but also for those who want to fill coffee, wine, water, etc.

The CIMEC monoblock is composed of the Mechanical Isobaric Filler with I.P.S filling valve and one or two seamers (Seamers), depending on the model.

The Mechanical Isobaric Filler can treat aluminum containers of different heights and diameters. The filling valve can be used to fill STANDARD, SLIM, SLEEK cans, etc.

The seamer can close lids of various sizes depending on the type of can chosen.

For more information, please contact our sales department:

Mr. Roberto Piano (sales manager)

and Mr. Andrea Migliavacca (commercial office)