The CIMEC monoblocs are designed to make management easier for the user, as they are manufactured to the specific production requirements of each individual customer. The pride of CIMEC is not to standardise its production, but rather to study and build custom-made systems.

It is possible to combine the filling machine (core of the system) with rinsing units, one or more corkers, or even a wire cutter, capping machines and labelling machines. In this integrated system the operating logic remains simple and intuitive thanks to new technologies that allow to reduce the space otherwise occupied by the various individual machines with very high operating costs.

other CIMEC bottling systems

Monobloc for carbonated and still products

consisting of a 24-pin rinsing machine, 32-valve isobaric filler dpsl-type, suitable for any product, both carbonated and still.

Monobloc for water and soft drinks, carbonated and still

consisting of a 20-gripper rinsing machine, 24-valve s type isobaric filler, 3-cylinder aluminium screw and pre-threaded plastic corker, 3 crown heads.

Neck-handling monobloc for sparkling and still water

(for PET bottles) consisting of a 36-gripper rinsing machine, 36-valve s type isobaric filler, 8-cylinder pre-threaded plastic corker.

Monobloc for sparkling and still wine

composed of a 32-gripper rinser, 44-valve psl type isobaric filler, 6-cylinder flat and mushroom corker, 4-cylinder aluminium screw corker.

Monobloc for still wine

composed of a 16-gripper rinsing machine, 16-valve light vacuum filler, single-cylinder flat corker, single cylinder aluminium screw corker.

Monobloc for liqueurs and distillates

composed of 40-gripper rinser, 54-valve light vacuum filler, 8-cylinder aluminium screw corker.

Monobloc for beer

composed of 20-gripper rinsing machine, 20-valve dps type isobaric filler, single-cylinder mushroom corker, 1- cylinder wire hooding machine.