• Aluminium can fillers

    BOTTLING IN CAN – a solution that brings together a FILLING TURRET and a SEAMING UNIT in ONE MONOBLOC. CIMEC, thanks to his over thirty years of knowledge of the bottling process and to satisfy the ever-increasing market demand, has designed a new automatic system for the packaging of canned drinks, using the most advanced technologies, […]

  • Bottling systems

    Our bottling systems are suitable for treating both carbonated and still products, for different areas of application.

  • Isobaric fillers

    With the range of isobaric fillers, CIMEC boasts consolidate bottling process know-how. The machines are produced using the most advanced technologies, guaranteeing reliability and precision for the user. Both carbonated and still products can be processed with isobaric fillers with a wide choice of filling valves to be used according to the characteristics of the […]

  • Gravity Fillers

    CIMEC’s ​​gravity, light vacuum and high vacuum fillers are built according to the most advanced technologies, they can fill still products with gravity or light vacuum, having a wide range of available filling valves. There are many advantages to filling using light vacuum, better priming and absence of dripping. An optional system allows these valves […]

  • Rinsers

    The CIMEC rotary rinsers are designed with the most advanced technologies, can be supplied in a “free standing” version or combined with the filler in a single block. You can combine different types of treatments (single or multiple), and have fixed or mobile nozzles penetrating inside the bottle neck. The range also includes an electro-pneumatic […]

  • Corkers

    CIMEC is able to supply corkers designed with the most advanced technologies, taking care to preserve the characteristics of both the bottled product and the used container. The corker machines can be supplied in a “free-standing” version or combined with the filler in a single block, with an end cap with production up to 3000 […]

  • Monobloc

    The CIMEC monoblocs are designed to make management easier for the user, as they are manufactured to the specific production requirements of each individual customer. The pride of CIMEC is not to standardise its production, but rather to study and build custom-made systems. It is possible to combine the filling machine (core of the system) […]

  • Labelling systems

    Our labelling systems allow you to glue labels on different types of containers with maximum precision and in a flexible way. They can be used in many sectors beverages, food, chemical, cosmetics. There are linear or rotary labellers in our range, both adhesive and glue, with one or more stations, cork dispensers with end caps. […]

  • Linear labellers

    With the linear adhesive labelling machines, CIMEC is able to apply body label, back label, collar and/or state seal. They can also be equipped with optical centring for label centring and positioning. Each station can be adjusted horizontally, vertically or diagonally, just like the bottle locking cylinder. Special devices allow the customer to memorise the […]

  • Rotary labellers

    With the rotary labellers, CIMEC completes its range of labelling machines to cover speeds starting from 2000 b/h. Constant research has allowed us to provide the customer with simple and reliable machines, to guarantee all this. CIMEC offers systems cam bottle rack handling systems in a grease bath or with electronically controlled movement. It is […]

  • Systems for your product

    According to customer needs, CIMEC is able to provide the most suitable system for filling various products. Our bottling systems always guarantee product integrity.