BOTTLING IN CAN – a solution that brings together a FILLING TURRET and a SEAMING UNIT in ONE MONOBLOC.

CIMEC, thanks to his over thirty years of knowledge of the bottling process and to satisfy the ever-increasing market demand, has designed a new automatic system for the packaging of canned drinks, using the most advanced technologies, guaranteeing reliability and precision to the user.

Developed mainly in two models, CAN ISO 6/1 S and CAN ISO 12/1 S / S 1, the CIMEC monobloc can meet the needs of breweries as well as producers of soft drinks, still or mineral water, coffee, wine, etc.

The monobloc is composed of a Mechanical Isobaric Filler with I.P.S. filling valves, of a lid feeding group and one or two seamers, depending on the model.

The filler can handle cans of different heights and diameters (STANDARD, SLIM, SLEEK, etc.) and the seamer can close lids of various sizes, depending on the type of can chosen.

Each monobloc is equipped with dummy cans for washing and sanitizing.

These systems can be designed and integrated with conveying systems and complementary machines, favouring customers’ needs and respecting the available spaces.

In fact, the monobloc can be combined with:

  • An AUTOMATIC CAN DEPALLETISER: to handle one size of pallet, with the translation of the complete layer and the automatic removal of the layer-pad and with the loading of the pallet directly into the machine compartment.
  • An ADHESIVE LABELLER. The can will first be labelled and then filled.
  • A can RINSER: an independent unit that can be put online before filling.

Composed of a stainless-steel sheet frame with feet, it is equipped with two tipping units, one at the entrance and one at the exit.

With the replacement of the guides, it will be possible to process containers of different sizes.

Inside the rinsing unit there is a nebulizing nozzle that injects the washing solution, or sterile gas, into the can.

In each integrated system, the operating logic remains simple and intuitive.