CIMEC’s ​​gravity, light vacuum and high vacuum fillers are built according to the most advanced technologies, they can fill still products with gravity or light vacuum, having a wide range of available filling valves.

There are many advantages to filling using light vacuum, better priming and absence of dripping. An optional system allows these valves to prevent air from entering the tank preserving the product’s integrity against oxidation and microbiological pollution.

A high vacuum system is applied for very dense products which exploits the difference in pressure between the filler tank and the bottle.

Constant research has allowed CIMEC to create, besides the traditional machines with gravity filling and light vacuum, also an electro-pneumatic model, guaranteeing maximum flexibility and optimal control during the filling phase for the customer. With this innovative and state-of-the-art machine, pre-filling cycles can be set, such as vacuum in the bottle and gas injection. With this valve we have reached the maximum in terms of oxygen pick up.

Volumetric fillers - DETAILS

The main characteristic of these machines is the dosage of the product inside the container which can occur via a syringe device, or the filling system can be of electronic type to inductive flow meters for volumetric bulk filling for low conductivity products. This filling technology is able to guarantee the perfect amount of liquid inside the container used. Mainly this system is used with high density products such as sauces and oils, or very foamy such as liquid detergents or similar.

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