With the range of isobaric fillers, CIMEC boasts consolidate bottling process know-how. The machines are produced using the most advanced technologies, guaranteeing reliability and precision for the user.
Both carbonated and still products can be processed with isobaric fillers with a wide choice of filling valves to be used according to the characteristics of the product to be bottled.
The constant request of FLEXIBILITY from the customers has led CIMEC produce a new electro-pneumatic filler. This project has focused on in the filling valve. The various phases are timed by the operator creating various recipes. This guarantees the best result in terms of performance and the safety of repeatability of the values ​​obtained for each individual valve, even when the speed varies, during the entire bottling cycle.


CIMEC's ​​electro-pneumatic machine is capable of handling both carbonated and still products. It is also able to separate the partially oxidized gas remaining in the bottle from the product in the tank, bringing it into an external chamber, so as to ensure zero oxygen increase in the liquid to be bottled preserving its characteristics over time.

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